Wednesday, November 12, 2014

UP JMA & DLSU BMS Present: Apollo Music Festival x Ticket Giveaway

Get a chance to hear music from some of the country’s rising musical talents. Chill out with your friends as the sun sets and indulge yourselves in an array of food and entertainment booths. Cap the night off while headbanging to some of the Metro’s top DJs. Be one with the crowd and experience what it truly means to be in a Music Festival. Live to hear good music, live to enjoy, go on and live the dream.

This coming November 14, 2014, take on the experience as the top organizations of the University of the Philippines and De La Salle University, the UP Junior Marketing Association and the DLSU Business Management Society come forth and bring you the first ever inter-university Music Festival, APOLLO: Live the Dream at the Globe Circuit Events Ground in Circuit Makati.   

Featuring big names such as Sponge Cola, The Ransom Collective, The Cohens, DJ Lucio Pua, DJ Marc Marasigan, and DJ Ace Ramos, free-flowing drinks and a stunning lights show, this will surely be a night you won’t want to miss. 

APOLLO is the first music festival that will not only hold a variety of the country’s biggest music performers, but as well as new and aspiring Filipino artists. UP JMADLSU BMS, and FILSCAP, an advocate of Filipino music that aims to promote original music in the Philippines, directs its steps to empower young artists to pursue their dreams. 

Watch as dreams unfold before your very eyes.  Share the limelight and showcase talents only waiting to be ignited - boundaries waiting to be shattered. Feel the aftermath of their boundless music. Transcend into the night and celebrate with a bang to the heart-thumping beats. Give in to the experience and let it reverberate within you.

Experience the fantasy, resonate the experience, and live the dream.  #APOLLOMusicFestival #LiveTheDream. Tickets are available in the University of the Philippines - Diliman, De La Salle University - Manila, and selected partner organizations across different universities. For more details, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, or you may contact them at 09283516176 and 09178967558.

In addition to that, check out all these wonderful perks that come with attending the event!

And because I want you guys to be a part of this amazing music experience, I'm giving away TWO tickets! Simply join my Rafflecopter giveaway below:

Good luck and see you there!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9 2014 | The Sunday Currently #1

Absolutely in love with these iPhone photos my boyfriend Joe shot in their building's fire exit. (Edited by me on VSCO Cam). All photos are ours, please credit back to Joe Moll or Iridescence.

Hi everyone! Welcome to my very first edition of The Sunday Currently! I first saw this post at Camie Juan's blog and felt that it would be a fun addition to the blog (plus a motivator to get me posting at least once a week!). I do hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it! Furthermore, with every #TSC post, I will be attaching a favorite photo that I and/or Joe shot from that week. If you like them, please don't hesitate to follow us on Instagram here (mine) and here (Joe's), respectively.

C u r r e n t l y .  .  .

R E A D I N G Handbook of Everyday Law by Martin Ross. Although I'm not a law student, I've always been fascinated by law and the loopholes in it. This pocketbook is a great handy reference to my basic rights and privileges as a person. Joe found this old book somewhere in their bookshelf and I've been hooked ever since. 

W R I T I N G This blog post and Instagram captions. Every #hashtag needs to be #onpoint. (By the way, check out this article by Elite Daily about zodiac signs and their social media habits. Albeit probably written just for fun, my sign (Virgo) is creepily spot on.)

L I S T E N I N G To Joe's footsteps as he attempts to cook bacon for merienda. Hooray for domesticated boyfriends! Also, I have officially joined the T-Swift bandwagon. Blank Space speaks volumes to me. (Edit: Have you heard Selena Gomez's latest single?! And THAT INTRO. She revealed in an interview that that was really her voice after getting into a fight with Justin. So. Much. #Feels.)

T H I N K I N G about all the tasks currently in queue. I hate how inefficiently I manage my time. I badly need an intervention.

S M E L L I N G  freshly cooked bacon. AHHHHHHHHH!

W I S H I N G  For more time, opportunities and motivation.

H O P I N G  to have a better, more productive week ahead of me, and to finally get that /top secret/ job interview and internship. 

W E A R I N G a pretty white-and-blue striped cut-out bodycon (wow, there's so much going on in this lol) dress I bought in a DLSU bazaar, the white Forever21 sweater Joe's parent's got me last Christmas, Psy's Gangnam Style ankle socks fresh from South Korea (a pasalubong from my International Hospitality Management friend who interned there last year) and my white Nike Airforce 1s. #Sweg Joe also got me this super cute anklet (we match!) from his Bicol vacation last week. I haven't taken it off ever since.

L O V I  N G  1) my new shoe finds lately – you'll be seeing more of my white sneaker creepers, Nike Airforce 1s and black H&M Chelsea boots soon! 2) The new Holiday 2014 Collection of Kendall & Kylie x Pacsun (definitely giving Joe my Christmas money so he can buy me a few pieces during his Vegas trip this December!) and 3) Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 8 (shot in 2013). As you may or may not know, Joe and I have been watching ALL (I'm so not kidding) of the KUWTK episodes and we're so close to the current ninth season now! S08 is basically where Kylie starts changing up her style to what she looks like today so I'm definitely excited to see the transition. 

*Also, I've finally started watching Awkward! I love it so much, I can't wait to binge watch it all the way to the current season! (I'm still in S01E05)

W A N T I N G  a job. Babysitter, anyone?

N E E D I N G to earn more money soon. Girls just wanna have fund$.

F E E L I N G really unproductive and stagnant in school. Need a good, solid push to get me back on track. So far, so bad.

C L I C K I N G on tons of unviewed emails and random news articles. 

Want to start your own #TheSundayCurrently? Don't hesitate to link them below and I'll pass the word on!

How is your week going so far? Let me know below in the comments or talk to me on Facebook, Twitter or AskFM!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blackhouse Productions & College Buddy Manila Present Identity: Freaky Thursday

Get your halloween costumes ready and attend the BIGGEST HALLOWEEN PARTY in the metro! It's about time we bring the inner freakiness out of your system!


A Happy Thursday Halloween Special

By Blackhouse Productions x College Buddy Manila

WHEN: OCT 30, 2014






- Php 200 Gift Certificate from FoodPandaPH
- Php 150 off your fare when you use GrabTaxi going to the event

OPEN BAR at a certain time slot courtesy of Jaggermeister, Wild Turkey, and Skyy Vodka

What more can you ask for?


Prizes will be given to people with the BEST COSTUMES! 

Dress to impress! See you there!

Presented by: Jaggermeister, Wild Turkey, and SKYY Vodka

Official Media Sponsor: Jack TV
Official Ride Partner: Grab Taxi
Official Food Partner: Food Panda 
Official Media Partners: When In Manila ,, EDM Philippines, RAVEManila, Elite Style PH, Circuit Magazine, Status Magazine 

For tickets please contact: 
Agatha Sabala- (0927) 308 8460
Anton Siddayao- (0917) 693 8669
Den Concejero- (0915) 604 8947
Trish Terrado- (0917) 899 4294

Twitter: @blackhouseph

Twitter: @CollegeBuddyMNL

     I'm giving away two tickets to this Thursday's event! Just enter through my Rafflecopter giveaway or by reposting this photo on Instagram!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!

Do you have pre-loved items that are just rotting away in your attic? Or maybe you have a few articles of clothing that you've suddenly grown tired of after maybe one, two or three washes? Do you know that you can make money off of them?

Now I know, I know what you're probably thinking: But Viv, I can't possibly have time to start an online shop! Well good news, because you don't NEED one! 

OLX Philippines (formerly known as is a classified ads website that caters primarily to Philippine consumers. It is an online marketplace where people buy and sell a wide variety of goods, products, and services under different categories such as real estateautomotivescareersbusiness products and services, and many more among Filipino individuals and business groups all over the world.

Being a college student, I've always dreamed of making a profit in order to self-sufficient. Given my daily schedule (classes, extra-curricular activities and my photography sideline, Taft Thursdays), I couldn't possibly set up and constantly attend to an online shop. Thank goodness I discovered It allows me to sell my items without the hassle of setting up a page on Instagram or Facebook! I just type the item, its description, my asking price, my location and that's it! They'll notify me through SMS and email (how convenient, right?) as soon as someone interested messages me. It's fast, easy and reliable. Just sit back, relax, and watch your item go as your pockets become heavier!

Now what type of items can you sell to OLX? Why, just about anything! From something mundane such as a cute pair of imported socks to something breathtaking such as your supercar or mansion, there's a category for you! To help you out, let me show you a few things I've decided to set up for sale on OLX:

1. Nintendo Wii Set w/ Bag, Games & Accessories

(Click on pictures to expand)
For complete ad and details, visit

This Nintendo Wii Set is very close to my heart since this was very first game console my father (who lives and works in the US) gave to my younger brother. Having an age gap of 7 years, I've always felt distant to my little brother, especially since I saw my dad shower upon him all the love and care I never had from him. I always used to think it was because he was a boy, and coming from a business-minded family (not Chinese though!), boys were considered important because they were to inherit businesses. When this shipment arrived, my mom had no idea how to set it up, and I ended up setting it up for them. My brother was very grateful and asked me to play with him. I told him I'd stay for one game only, but we ended up playing until the wee hours of the night. Thus began our close sibling relationship that we still have at present.

Now, me being a college sophomore and my brother getting ready to enter his last year of grade school, it's sad to say that we've outgrown the Wii and we have both entered a more sophisticated world of the digital age I have ventured into blogging and photography while he focuses on his Ipad and advanced PlayStation games. But while we both have separate interests now, at the end of the day, we still bond together and we will always remember how it started: through this simple yet entertaining piece of technology: the Nintendo Wii.

2. Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero The World Tour Guitar Kit

(Click on pictures to expand)
For complete ad and details, visit

A week after the Nintendo Wii arrived, this beautiful package in the form of a guitar and game CD came along. Now I'm no musician, but I certainly felt like one while blasting Van Halen on the speakers! It wasn't perfect, but it made me feel like an actual superstar. My friends used to come along with their Guitar Hero drum sets and microphones and we'd form a girl group that could go up against the Spice Girls anytime! (But of course that wasn't true) Yup, this pretty much made my childhood awesome. Thanks, Mom!

3. PlayStation 2 Kit with Bag, Accessories and 64 Games

(Click on pictures to expand)
For complete ad and details, visit

This PlayStation 2 console was actually my very first game console ever. Growing up in a tiny, cramped apartment, there was never any space for anything other than the essentials. My mother bought this for me when I was in grade school after we moved in to a new, bigger house (she was pregnant with my younger brother then). She noticed I didn't go out that much since I was quite an anti-social child and because we were new to the neighborhood. One day, after shopping for her maternal clothes, she surprised me with a big box containing this set. Apparently, it was on sale and she got a very good deal on the games too. The games have accumulated throughout the years, but let's just say that this PlayStation marked the beginning of my social life in our new neighborhood.

4. Numark Stealth Control DJ Controller

(Click pictures to expand)
For complete ad and details, visit

This DJ set is actually quite the lovely donation to my preloved items for sale by my boyfriend, Joe (he uses this to practice for some of his music classes). What's amazing about this set is that this was the very first set his elder brother had. His elder brother, who majored in Economics, had a passion for music and played tons of instruments (his influence obviously rubbed off on Joe). Although he graduated with an Economics degree from Ateneo, he pursued his heart's desire and is now a successful Audio Engineer in Makati City. Not bad for a metal box.

And those are my 4 pre-loved items! What are yours? Comment them below!

OLX Photo:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BMS Presents: Roux 29

Without a doubt, everyone loves to get caught by the essence of nostalgia; 
however, what event could possibly take place to perfectly add up to your most 
memorable life-stories? Happy memories consist of unique, exciting, 
unforgettable, and amazing experiences; therefore, take one of the best rides of 
your life with De La Salle University's Business Management Society as they 
continue to drift the night away with their 29th year anniversary celebration, 
Roux 29, taking place on August 8, 2014 at Bradco Avenue, Aseana City, 
Paranaque! Let yourself loose as the organization gives you three astounding 
events in one night--FAIR, DRIVE-IN MOVIE, & PARTY!

Spend your Friday evening by creating new spontaneous adventures with your 
friends, having a date under the stars with your special someone, or just taking 
the time off to be with your whole family! Everyone is invited to join the BMS 
Presents: Roux 29--The Red & White Spectacle! Witness and be in that night 
where no one else would dare miss! On top of that, you are free to blast away 
with the hipster in you; wear your hippiest outfits as you surrender yourself in a 
night of pure awesomeness--FAIR, DRIVE-IN MOVIE, & PARTY! 

Drive in to Yuchengco Lobby from July 30 'til August 8 to get your tickets!

Tickets are priced at:

250 for BMS Members
280 for Non-Members & non-DLSU attendees
300 for Door Charge

For interested participants outside of DLSU, please message us so we could meet you up!

The road continues to Roux 29.. Are you up for it?

Like us on Facebook
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And Instagram

Join my BMS Roux 29 ticket giveaway here!

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Make sure to come back tomorrow for an #OOTD post for BMS: Roux 29!